23. – 28. April 2015
Opening: 23. April 2015,
 18 h

11 years ago I was left stunning by the brilliant selection of this Filmfestival and ever since I could be found in one of the Cinemas at Crossing Europe in Linz. I am very proud to contribute the official Festivaltrailer for this years issue.

Entitled Cinéma Variété (cinema of diversity in reference to Varieté Theater), the festival trailer 2015 centers around a clown as protagonist. As a fragile figure, the clown embodies both cheerful and dark sides, bringing together a repertoire of stories and associations. In his historical role as a figure of entertainment and transition, which still permeates all forms of art up to the present, he represents the vanguard of all the festival contributions. Clownesque figures entered the cinema with the beginning of film and continued the connotation of the clown. In the filmic miniature of the new festival trailer, the ambivalence of the figure of the clown is evident, when the friendly, enchanting performer mutates in the flickering light into a eerily dark stage figure. This diversity inherent to the figure of the clown also represents the rich multifacetedness of the films shown in the festival.


Katharina Gruzei, 2015
Video, 4K, Farbe, Sound
1 Minute

Sound by Fump
Thanks to Fulgensi Mestres Bertran

During the festival I am also showing my film "workers leaving the factory (again)" in an 35mm Film Loopinstallation at the OK | Center for contemporary Art. 

Crossing Europe Filmfestival, Linz
Moviemento, City Kino, OK
*highly recommended*!

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