Videofestival Varna, Bulgaria

10th to 17th August 2010

Dialoge I - IV will be shown at this video festival in Bulgaria. It will be screened open air in the Rakovina Open Air Stage in the Varna Sea Garden on the 16th of August at 9pm. I will be there so maybe see you!

VIDEOHOLICA festival presents art works by well-known artists as well as renders opportunity to young artists, who are working in the field of contemporary art and are pursuing innovative practices in a professional manner, to manifest their works distinguished for their original creative language

VIDEOHOLICA festival includes organization and presentation of a series of video art projections and exhibitions as well as discussions and workshops concerning video art topics in traditional gallery spaces in Varna and also in nontraditional outdoor public spaces, virgin for contemporary art environment, or where it is less known.

The festival addresses the professional public as well as that auditorium, which has had no contact with contemporary art until now, and provokes both audiences through organized art activities to look for new meaning and identity amidst creative environment unknown to them so far.


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