Show opening at Salzamt


Opening: 8th September 2009, 7pm

08.09.2009- 23.10.2009
Mo - Fr 10-12h
Mo & Do 16-18h

Mehmet DERE (Istanbul), Katharina GRUZEI (Linz), Stefan KUNTNER (Linz), 
Rait ROSIN (Talinn), Emily SPEED (Liverpool), Jens SUNDHEIM (Dortmund)

This exhibition is kind of an introduction to the residing artists of the international studio house that has just opened in Linz. There are regional artists who have a studio and internationals with a studio and a flat here. I moved in this July and I really appreciate the great space and view on danube river.

Trying to find a topic for the show without knowing each other nor the others work was pretty difficult. Anyways, we figured out a better way to deal with the old architecture in the exhibition hall - avoiding to use the walls... hope to see you for the reception!

Atelierhaus Salzamt
Obere Donaulände 15
4020 Linz

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