Videoart Project Space
Milan, Italy

03.- 31.5.2011

Dialoge I-IV will be shown by Visual Container in the Videoart Project Space [.BOX] in Milan Italy. It is traveling to Milan with the special selection of the Varna Filmfestival where I have shown the piece last summer.

[. BOX] presents BEST OF Milan by Videoholica, the most important international festival of video art in Bulgaria, annually presented to Varna on the Black Sea.

The staff of [. BOX] is proud to host VIDEOHOLICA space in Milan, to share the best from the third edition of VIDEOHOLICA held during the International Biennale of Visual Arts in 2010, during the first year of [. BOX].

The curatorial team is composed of 2010 Videoholica Pavlina Mladenova and Neno Belchev who selected 152 artworks of 138 artists selected 512 video artists in the competition of 326 in total, from 51 countries worldwide.

Videoholica, is one of the most important partners of VisualContainer which in 2009 participated as a guest at the festival by displaying a selection of international and italian Video Art in 2010 as the jury of the Festival, along with other foreign guests.

Take a seat, wait for 18 videos from all over the world!

[. BOX] Celebrates the first year in Milan, continuing to be the reference point of italian and international Video Art in Milan.


May 3rd 2011, 19-21h
until 31st of May 2011

[. BOX] Video Art Project Space
Via Confalonieri 11 Milano

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