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Katharina Gruzei
born 1983
in Klagenfurt, Austria


since 2004
Fine Arts
Experimental Art Department
University of Arts, Linz

since 2006
Cultural Studies
University of Arts, Linz

07/08 2005
scholarship for the „International Summer Academy of
Art“, Salzburg
Visual Cultural Studies
Katharina Sieverding

guest student at the „School for Artistic
Photography“, Vienna

study abroad at UCSB, Santa Barbara CA

exchange student at UDK Berlin, Germany
Masterclass Katharina Sieverding


Theodor Körner Award for Fine Arts and Photography 
Linz Export Stipend 
Ö1 Talents Award for Fine Arts 
Frame Award
Local Artist Award – Crossing Europe Filmfestival
VAM young talents award for best young austrian shortfilm – Vienna Independent Shorts 
Best experimental Short - Nashville Filmfestival USA

Katharina Gruzei works with photography, film, video, installations, media-performances, sound and objects. Working conceptually, she experiments between these disciplines and arrives at an unique crossover language.

Her field of interest is the use of media as a political as well as a sociological and cultural tool. She works on visual strategies to decode the construction and ideology of Imagery. This research starts from a single image and often ends up in archives. By using found footage she unfolds cultural history as a field of artistic research in which she introduces her own thoughts and statements. Her videos and photographs reveal a distinct interest in the border between still and moving image. Her visual language explores the potential of resistance and empowerment within artistic practice.
Gruzei also researchs in field studies which she later on reconstructs in spatial installations that encompass sound, objects or whatever evolves from her exploration. Her work is exhibited in international contexts.

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