The hairy questionmark

...where work does not stop after leaving the workplace.

Soho in Ottakring opens this coming saturday 16.05.2009
The title of the festival is "to work or not to work". Steven Matthewson invited a couple of artists to show in his atelier space in the 16th district.

Grundsteingasse 15, 1160 Vienna

The place emphasising the kind of space geared to the average person in the kind of profession where work does not stop after leaving the "work-place".

any questions...?
Projections co-ordinated by Dariusz Kowalski
Foto/Video-Slides-Wallpaperinstallation: Katharina Gruzei
modern cave painting: Gregor Eldarb, Georg Frauenschuh, Gunda Gruber, Christoph Holzeis , Luiza Margan, ua.
Theke by Gregor Eldarb
16.5 saturday opening...umm (hank williams tributary)
17.5 sunday projections and junkfood
18.5 monday closed
19.5 tuesday closed
20.5 wednesday-mopedrock-concert
21.5 thursty thursday with  concert cancelled... ersatz: TBA
22.5 rockin' friday-M185-concert
23.5 saturday with the video sisters-projections
24.5 sunday projections and junkfood
25.5 monday closed
26.5 mellow tuesday-wegwerf pizza/fußfresser-concert
27.5 wednesday closed
28.5 thursty thursday-hotel prestige-concert
29.5 rockin' friday-Beauties of the Night-concert
30.5 saturday: Finale-Frenk Lebel-concert
ab 18.00.
Concerts ab 20.30.

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