Rennes, France

Tue 10th May 2011
Cafè des bricoles

Dialoge I - IV will be shown at Oodaaq Festival in Rennes, France. Unfortunately I could not go there for the screening but I very much enjoyed the playful webpage with lots of poetic pictures and thoughts. Have a look!

This will be the first edition of the Oodaaq Festival of poetic images of all kind. In partnership with several local and international cultural structures, they intent to show orignial video and photographic works of young artists.

During this period, the island of Oodaaq will be visible in order to create a new, poetic map of the city. The festival is meant to strengthen the relations between the artists and between the artists and the public. The attentive stroller can see our island emerge and meet its nomad inhabitants, explorers of the sensible world.

Oodaaq is an island that has been discovered in 1975 northeast of Greenland. This bank of gravel and silt, covered by several meters of ice, is said to be the most notherly emerged land on earth.
It is on this inaccessible and invisible territory that they settled their camp, in order to explore contemporary artistic creation.

They like to think about L'Oeil d'OOdaaq (a 1901 law non-profit organisation, founded in march 2008) as the projection of this island, an imaginary place, made of meetings, creations and public events.
It's nomad inhabitants are travelling the world and forming an artist collective constantly growing and evolving.

Poetics images
From 5th - 12th May 2011
78 artists/19 places


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