Festival Internacional de Curtas  
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

31. Oct - 7. Nov 2013

The scene for Brazilian short films is vibrant, positive and diversified. There is a variety of productions and classification by genre is not so categorical and clear cut in the style of each film. Besides this, the short film is no longer restricted to movie theaters. Exhibition platforms have become multiple and unusual. It is appreciated not only in the dark of the cinema but in art galleries, on cell phones, cable TV, the internet and even on façades of buildings or monuments. The short film is a libertarian format constantly being reinvented.

This effervescence shows the importance of the short film in the production and creative chain of audiovisuals. The Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Curta Cinema has always lived up to its role in following and popularizing this format, reinventing ways and means to emphasize the importance and the communicative potential of short films. A potential that should never be underestimated.

In this, the 23rd year of the festival, they reaffirm to this commitment to bring this multiplicity to as many audiences as possible. The festival involves the viewers in diverse programs and parallel activities: competitive programs, panoramas, special programs, school programs, hold workshops and debates and have a focus dedicated to productions from Germany.

Workers leaving the factory (again) will be screened in the International Competition.
The Mass of Men is a brilliant shortfilm and definitely a must-see!

WORKERS LEAVING THE FACTORY (AGAIN), Katharina Gruzei . EXP . 11 min . Color . Austria . 2012
THE MASS OF MEN, Gabriel Gauchet . FIC . 17 min . Color . H264 . England . 2012
I CAN'T CRY MUCH LOUDER THAN THIS, Robert Cambrinus . DOC . 11 min . Color . Austria . 2013
BIG WILLOW, Jared Katsiane . FIC . 11 min . Color . USA . 2013
COLUMN, Ujkan Hysaj . FIC . 22 min . Color . Kosovo . 2012
NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF REVOLUTION, Matthew VanDyke . DOC . 14 min . Color . USA . 2013

International Competition 6

Wed, 6 nov, 17h30 at Odeon Petrobras
Thu, 7 nov, 19h at Centro Cultural Justiça Federal

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