Czech Republic

28. Juni – 6. July 2013

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival is ranked by FIAPF among the most prestigious world film festivals and is considered the most important film event in Central and Eastern Europe. The basic concept of the Karlovy Vary IFF comes out of the Czech Republic’s advantageous geopolitical location at the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe. It introduces film industry representatives and press from all around the world to the newest local production, and presents new quality films from the rest of the world to Central and Eastern Europe’s own industry and press. 

Due to its highly-regarded programming, quality facilities, and unique atmosphere, the Karlovy Vary IFF has become the key annual event for buyers, distributors, festival programmers, sales agents, journalists, and filmmakers.

“Die ArbeiterInnen verlassen die Fabrik” will be shown in the IMAGINA Section of the Festival together with “Noise” of my Gallery Colleague Daniel Pitìn, “The Capsule” by Athina Rachel Tsangari, “Have a body there” by Adéla Babanová and “Figs” by Tony Cederteg.

29.6.2013 15:30 Cinema B
3.7.2013 10:00 Cas Cinema
6.7.2013 12:30 Cinema B

„In the Lumière brothers’ first film from 1895 workers were captured leaving their factory, a process which took less than a minute. In the hypnotic variation on this iconic moving image we observe a similar event played out over eleven minutes. What has changed in 117 years? And who are these workers today? The title of the early silent film Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory in Lyon essentially tells us everything we need to know. Its contemporary variation is more ambiguous. While we initially make out indistinct figures in a seemingly endless corridor, we finally see their faces up close. Using a precise formal concept, the director not only treats cultural memory, harking back to one of the most celebrated works in film history, but she is also quick to make use of the medium’s appeal, establishing a compelling rhythm to enhance footage of an ostensibly banal event.“
(Karlovy Vary FF)

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