HONG KONG International Film Festival

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17.3. - 2.4.2013 

Avant Garde Programme II 

22 Mar 2013 Fri 18:00 
29 Mar 2013 Fri 10:30

Hong Kong Space Museum - Lecture Hall

Katharina Gruzei's "Die ArbeiterInnen verlassen die Fabrik" uses the departure from a factory to ask questions about female labour; in "Funny Games Ghost" Karin Hammer and Stefan Hafner marry two versions of Haneke's films to create a new prison; Hannes Vartianinen and Pekka Veikkolainen's silent "Gates of Life" reveals the everyday hidden; in Suuoua Goel and Shai Hercelia's "I Am Micro", a crew struggles to complete a low budget film; "The Plant" by Mary Helena Clark experiments with point of view; Thomas Renoldner's hybrid "Sunny Afternoon" challenges the conventions of music video and avant - garde experimentation; and in "Torque" Bjorn Kammerer uses a single shot to explore the relationship between movement, geometry and representation.

Find the program here.

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