Sa, 27.4 & Di 30.4.2013  
Megabox Jeonju (Gaeska) 8

Stranger than Cinema has pushed boundaries of cinema with radical experiment and searching for next film languages, carrying films of contemporary avant-garde cineastes out. 
 Nine feature films and fifteen short films have been selected for this year’s Stranger than Cinema. Above all, latest films of two leading experimental directors who have shared experience with Jeonju International Film Festival will be screened. 
Lukas the Strange directed by John TORRES is extension of his former essay writing style. He spends his life in the front line of Philippine independent film along with his partner Shireen SENO. Shireen SENO’s Big Boy will be introduced in Korea for the first time as well. The next is Jon JOST, an American independent filmmaker who works based on digital. His work Narcissus Flowers of Katsura-shima that brings lives of victims of tsunami to different light, and COMING TO TERMS which focused on family dissolution and family reconstitution will be world premiered. 
Of course there are new names as well: Jeroen VAN DER STOCK’s SILENT VISITORS, Francesca SOLARI’s L’Entrefilm, Marcel HANOUN’s Cello, Youlian TABAKOV’s Tzvetanka, Max ANDERSSON and Helena AHONEN’s road movie Tito on Ice. 
 As a short film program, a total of fifteen films are listed. A favorite director of JIFF audiences, who is passionately in love with cinema, Jean Marie STRAUB’s new work La madre holds the first release. La madre derives from Cesare Pavese’s Dialoghi con Leuco, shares the style of a play like the original. Except STRAUB, most of the other fourteen films are challenging works of first-time directors. 
Felix DUFOUR LAPERRIERE’s Parallel North which contains deep concern about light and shade, and his Half-light dynamics series, Mattias HARENSTAM’s Reconstruction that prospects an incident of a village taken by single cut and long take, Nicola PIOVESAN’s OF YOUR WOUNDS depicts a married couple’ horror of guilty conscience as fantasy, Paul BUSH’s Lay Bare forming the united shape utilizing parts of body, Zuzana BORYSEK’s The Little Story of My Big Belly, Thorbjorg JONSDOTTIR’s Time Like Water contrasting the stream of time and the landscape, Mathieu TREMBLAY’s Of Events which expresses a mixture of a man’s life and trains like a fairy-tale, and Paul WENNINGER’s Trespass that joyfully presents a man’s daily life making a good use of animation and actual image are invited. 
In addition, some short films are also presented which correspond with homage to classics and filmmaking itself. Louis FRIED’s Malo Desert portrays where two different camera’s points collide, one of them held on by a couple looking for an image and the other one pinned on them at the same time. Lukas MARXT’s Nella Fantasia is about Camera Ethics capturing swimming substance. Gregory ROBIN’s ENTRAILS is a film about comparing performance of Franck Vigroux, a French avant-garde musician to a human organism. Lastly, Katharina GRUZEI’s Workers Leaving the Factory (again) , is a remake of the famous Workers Leaving the Factory: 1895 by Lumiere brothers. 
 (Kang Minyoung, programmer)

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