Austrian Cultural Pavillion, Plovdiv

17 September – 15 October 2016
Opening 17th September 2016, 18h

Catrin Bolt - Petja Dimitrova - Fabiana Faleiros - Nikolaus Gansterer - Katharina Gruzei - Marlene Hausegger - Katrin Hornek - Anna Jermolaewa - Suzie Leger - Sonia Leimer - Johann Lurf - Lazar Lyutakov - Luisa Kasalicky & Siegfried Zaworka - Elvedin Klacar - Vikenti Komitski - Christian Kosmas Mayer - Female Obsession - Ben Pointeker - Barbis Ruder - Marusa Sagadin - tat ort (Alexandra Berlinger & Wolfgang Fiel) - Kay Walkowiak - Anna Witt - Ina Wudtke - and others.

A shipping container transformed into a performing installation and an interdisciplinary open platform.


“Making objects and marks is also about making possibilities, making choices – and that is one of the last freedoms we have. To provide that is one of the functions of art”. (Mel Chin)

Going beyond discussions of post-net productions in the digital realm, the Austrian Cultural Pavilion – FLUCA with the project “Get Involved: Focus Direct Urbanism” functions as a mobile intervention of the artists group tat ort (Alexandra Berlinger, Wolfgang Fiel) and as a framework for interdisciplinary projects, performances, screenings and concerts in the heart of Plovdiv. This is how art in public space creates essentially new spaces as if in passing: a space to think, a space with leeway to act, to remember, to sit, a social landscape – a place of encounter.

The starting point of the project curated by Ursula Maria Probst is the use of a shipping container which is encacpsulated with a reflective surface. Through a number of alternations and adaptations the container as a performing installation/sculpture is able to gradually transform into an open platform for a wide number of public events while retaining its primary quality as a mobile and compact spatial entity. It is developed in collaboration with the local architects from Studio Duo. The partners SARIEV Contemporary, Open Arts Foundation, artnewscafé, and FLUC Vienna will invigorate the Austrian Cultural Pavilion with an exchange program by Bulgarian and Austrian artists throughout the autumn.

GET INVOLVED: FOCUS DIRECT URBANISM 17 September – 15 October 2016
austrian cultural pavillion - 38 Otets Paisiy Street, Plovdiv

Implementation and construction: Atelie Duo (Plovdiv)
Producers: BKA/Austrian Federal Chancellery, Austrian Embassy Sofia
Organizer: Open Arts Foundation
Partners: Municipality Plovdiv, FLUC (Vienna), artnewscafé

The project is part of the official program of NIGHT/Plovdiv, 2016

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